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Oil fired central heating boilers burn kerosene or heating oil. This is the most popular system where mains gas is not available.

An oil-fuelled central heating system works in the same way as a gas-powered central heating system.


There are now high efficiency combi and heat-only oil boilers available on the market. 


Oil combi boilers have internal hot water tanks to supply hot water. Whereas gas combi boilers have what’s called on-demand hot water.

  • Oil combi boilers are highly energy efficient, and you can save a lot of fuel by heating up water on demand.

  • The running costs of oil combi boilers is usually much, much lower than other types of oil and some LPG boilers.

  • Oil is a more efficient fuel than gas and LPG, so every unit of energy spent gives a much better return.

  • Newer oil boilers are condensing boilers, running at an efficiency of 90% and above, compared with 60% for older boilers.

Oil Boilers Anchor

Vortex - Oil Boiler

2 year manufacturer’s warranty

High efficiency SEAI HARP ‘A’ rating

5 year warranty on heat exchanger

Balanced or conventional flue 

Features a Riello RDB Burner

Factor fitted red insulated jacket

Whisper quiet operation

Available in...





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Enviromax - Oil Boiler

5 year warranty

Built from premium quality steel

Compact design 

High Performance Riello RDB Burner

Insulated casing to minimise heat loss

Eight models from 12KW to 100KW

Available in...




Enviromax Popular Backward Flue

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